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Above ground pool decks
All too often with above ground pool decks there's a big problem with what to
do with the surrounding area. You need something to avoid dragging grass
or dirt into the pool.... something which will withstand the activities of  
boisterous kids and something which will continue looking good all
throughout the year. And of course it needs to reasonable in cost and ideally
something that can be added to or modified with changing circumstances.

So what are the alternatives?

Conventional wood decks look great but tend to be very expensive - maybe
out of all proportion to the cost of the  pool itself. And they generally don't offer
much flexibility to change once the deck is installed.

Now you could put down synthetic grass, interlocking plastic pavers or
maybe even a weed control mat (although it wouldn't look all that good). But
none of these options is an ideal solution. So is there indeed a better

Wood decking tiles could be the ideal solution for an above ground pool
deck. What could look better than a superb hardwood deck. All that’s
required is a hard, well compacted surface around the pool. If its not a
compacted gravel area, you can still put the tiles on bare earth. But you'll
need to make sure the surface is smooth and put a weed control mat under
the tiles.

And the tiles can be easily cut to shape to fit the curve of the pool wall with
just a handsaw or jigsaw. A template made with a piece of stiff cardboard
can avoid mistakes in cutting the tiles and ensure a tight fit up against the
pool wall.

Perhaps one of the major benefits of wood decking tiles is that  the deck can
be expanded in any direction, added to or taken away at will and even
packed up and put away for the next season if preferred. And of course if you
have a favourite outdoor furniture setting, your above ground pool deck will
make an ideal firm, stable support.

There's no need to worry either about tripping on the edge of the tiles.
Reducer strips are available as an optional accessory which simply clip to
the outer row of tiles and provide a stepped transition to the underlying

Wood decking tiles are surely without doubt the ideal solution for an above
ground pool deck - and they'll keep looking great, day in day out,  year after
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