Backyard Decking
Finding the ideal solution for a  backyard deck can be a difficult task. In
particular any deck needs to be integrated with the rest of the house and
the surrounding landscape, otherwise it will stick out like the proverbial
sore thumb. So building a custom deck can sometimes be a bit of a risk as
you don't really know what it will look like until it's finished.

So just what other choices are there for backyard decks?  

One of the most versatile options is to lay down
deck tiles.  Firstly however
you'll need to ensure the surface is well compacted if laying them directly
on the ground. Ideally they should be a laid on a layer of well compacted
gravel if they are not being used to cover an existing concrete slab.  If laying
them direct on the ground you'll also need to put down a weed control mat
under the tiles first.

One of the great benefits of modular tiles is that you can extend the deck
any direction you like, as far as you like  and at any time you feel like. And if
you need to fit the deck around posts or poles you can easily cut the tiles
with a jigsaw or handsaw.

Most makes have several designs to chose from so you can add a border
or central feature. To finish of the edges of the deck, clip on reducers are
generally available which clip onto the outside edge to give a totally
professional finish.  

And there's no need to worry about exterior weather affecting the tiles.
Provided the tiles use the wood species mentioned in our wood tile page
decking tiles will stand up to the harshest climates...blazing hot sun,
pouring rains and mounds of snow, and will keep looking great day after
day, year after year.

To keep them looking at their optimum condition and to slow down the
natural greying process, we always recommend applying a coat of good
quality decking oil every 6 to 12 months. Other than that,  a brush with a
broom or quick wash with water every once in a while is all that's required
to keep your backyard deck looking great year after year.
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