Balcony deck tiles
All too often it’s just too small to justify the fuss and expense of getting a team
of trades-persons to lay ceramic tiles or other hard surfacing, but it can look
so drab and dreary if left neglected and unloved.

But perhaps one of the simplest solutions is to lay interlocking balcony
tiles over the existing concrete surface. Of course they could also be laid
directly over tiles as well. There's no tedious preparation...all it needs is to
give the balcony a good sweep. The tiles are then simply and quickly laid in
position by just snapping them together. The interlocking tabs hold each tile
securely in place so they wont fall off the balcony or blow away in normal wind

Wood balcony
decking tiles generally come in different patterns so you can
create your own balcony design to suit your taste should you so desire. If you
need to cut around pipes, posts or other obstructions, the tiles can easily be
cut with just a handsaw or jigsaw.

For extra interest, consider leaving out a few tiles and filling in the gaps with
some funky large river pebbles, crushed brick or bark nuggets.  Add a few
nice green potted plants, bamboo or other greenery and you'll be delighted at
the vast improvement it makes to your balcony. Don't add to many items to the
balcony or to many different items as it can soon look cluttered. Less is
always best.

And best of all both the wood tiles and the porcelain tiles need very little
maintenance. Just a sweep with a broom every so often to remove dirt or
maybe a wash with water. With the wood tiles, re-coating with a good quality
deck oil every 6-12 months is recommended to help preserve the initial wood
color of your balcony deck tiles as long as possible.
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