Deck Tiles are the solution...

For far too long, the only way to replace a dreary concrete patio or deck was to
bring in a demolition team with jackhammers, barrows and shovels, rip up
the lot and start again. And apart from the ear shattering noise and drifts of
fine dust, you'd have to put up with trades-persons traipsing through your
property day after day.

And then you’d agonize over decking plans, weigh up alternatives, get quotes
and wait…Finally another team of trades-persons would come, sawing,
drilling and hammering, day after day, again filing the house with dust and
dirt. And eventually you’d have a brand new custom deck.

Now maybe you don't have a large expanse of grey concrete that's bothering
you, but just a small concrete patio or courtyard that you'd like to improve. Or
live in a high rise apartment or condo with a small balcony? But you still want
to enjoy the benefits of a solid wood deck.

Fortunately there's now a really simple solution....interlocking decking tiles.
The quick and convenient way to brighten up exterior living spaces -
balconies, patios, roof decks etc. and which can be installed by anyone......
and need no special skills, no special tools, but look terrific the minute the
last tile is laid in place.
What exactly are decking tiles?

Deck tiles are the quick and easy way to cover any hard surface around the
home. Maybe an old concrete patio, a cracked courtyard, a front porch that
needs a facelift, a tiny balcony in a high rise apartment or even covering an
existing wood deck that's become worn with age.

Decking tiles are typically 12" x 12" modules that when placed together will form
a continuous surface. They simply sit on top of the exiting surface so do away
with al the drudgery and upheaval of extensive surface preparation or custom
fabrication of traditional wood deck. And the have the flexibility to be taken up
and replaced at will.
How are deck tiles installed?

It's really very easy to install decking tiles. You just sweep the surface clean
and start by laying the first tile in one corner.

Click the next tile into place and continue this way until the whole area is
covered. As the tiles lock precisely into position, you don't have to worry about
mis-alignment, crooked tiles etc. And there's no nails, screws or other fixing
devices needed.  There's no real skills needed....practically anyone can
install a deck in no time at all.

You may have to cut a few tiles to fit around pipes or to complete the outer
row of deck or to butt the tiles against a wall. But that's no problem as all
wood tiles can easily be cut with a handsaw or jigsaw.
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