Curupay deck tiles are simply the best decking system today.

Ezydeck snap together Jarrah wood decking tiles will quickly and easily bring
new life to your old concrete patio, porch, courtyard or balcony.

In just an hour or so and without the sweat and toil of hammering, drilling and
sawing, you can build a superb new wood deck....ready to enjoy the moment
the last tile is snapped securely into place.

1) easy to install by anyone in just minutes
2) no hammering, drilling or carpentry skills needed
3) no time wasting surface preparation
4) cost effective alternative to a custom deck
5) adds value and style to your home
6) long lasting and hard wearing
7) simply lift up and take with you if you move
8) easy to maintain.. wash with water or sweep clean
Some facts about Curupay wood

Curuapay is uniquely confined to the temperate forests in the south west
corner of Western Australia. Curupay trees grow to a height of about 30-40
metres (100-130 ft.) and a trunk diameter of up to 2 metres (6 ft.).

Curupay is rated Class 1 durability (on a scale of 4) meaning that the timber
possesses a high natural resistance to decay, termite and borer attack and
can be expected to give long service life under all normal conditions including
ground contact. In exposed in ground conditions, a typical service life of 15 to
25 years without the use of preservatives can be expected.
Curupay is also highly resistant to rot, fire, termites, marine borers and most

Curupay has a density of approx. 835 kg. 3280 Kn. per cu.m., almost twice
that of Redwood and over double the density of cedar or yellow pine.

Curupay is rated as "Hard" (rating 2 on a scale of 6 ). It is 4 times the
hardness of Redwood or yellow pine and 5 times the hardness of cedar
(Janka hardness scale).

The wood of the Curupay tree varies in colour from a rich reddish brown to a
soft salmon pink, depending on the age of the tree. The colour usually
darkens with exterior exposure.

Grain and texture
Curupay has a clean smooth surface and dense, straight grain making it
much sought after for fine indoor and outdoor furniture, flooring and

Resource management and environmental factor
A very large proportion of the Bolivian FSC certified forest land is publicly
owned and managed on a sustainable yield basis by The Government
Department of Conservation and Land Management.
The resource management and conservation of the 1.4 million hectares (3.46
million acres) of Curupay  forests under Government control is supported by
an extensive research program which ensures that these beautiful and
unique Curupay forests will always be available for future generations to use
and enjoy.
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