Deck Tiles for Porches and Entranceways

New life for old porches
The porch ... a place to relax with a good book or take a nap in the sun. And
they have often been called "our window on the world." ......the transition
between the inside of the house and the outdoors.

And of course the porch is most often the first part of a home that visitors see.
It is a reflection of the people who live there. It can be friendly and inviting,
invoke a sense of fun or present a shut off or silent frontage to the street.

But all too often the front porch can't live up to these great ideals. Maybe its a
old wood porch that's seen better days.... has boards which have become
decayed with age. Maybe its a concrete porch that just looks drab and
lifeless.. not the welcoming place you'd like it to be.

What could look better than a classic hardwood
decking tile surface on your
porch or entranceway. But the cost of building a custom deck can be
overwhelming. But there is another way. Even if its a wooden surface with
weather worn boards you can generally avoid ripping up the lot and starting
again. If the boards are basically structurally sound, the simplest solution can
be to lay interlocking wood tiles over the surface. And on the outside edge,
reducer strips are normally available which simply clip on to give a truly
professional finish.

And you can even make a patterns of your choice on your new porch. Most
makers of tiles have different designs to chose from so you can run borders
or make a feature panel near the doorway.

And if its concrete porch you want to beautify, its even easier and the results
are even more spectacular. Again it's a simple matter of just clicking the tiles
into place. A typical porch can be covered in less than an hour.

If any tiles have to be cut to fit around pipes or fit against a wall , they can be
cut with just a normal handsaw. Maybe you'll need to make template of stiff
card if it's a complex shape but this makes the task of cutting exactly the right
size and shape very easy.

Porches of any size and shape can be given this very easy and quick
make-over and the results will surely surprise you.  
Before Entrance Remodel
After Entrance Remodel
Cut around pipes and railings
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