Resurface an Old Wood Deck with Deck Tiles

Even with conventional wood decks that are maybe looking a bit shabby,
decking tiles can be an ideal solution to a total rebuild.

If the deck is structurally sound but the surface cannot be restored adequately
by sanding back to a  wood finish, then decking tiles are a perfect
application....a much cheaper and easier option than replacing the entire deck.

Benefits include;

1) A hardwood surface that will not weather like softwoods.
2) A surface that drains well and performs like a solid hardwood deck.
3) Excellent slip resistance because of small gaps between the timber slats.
4) Never mind the costly rebuilding route.
5) Install the tiles yourself over the surface.

If you have a pressure treated pine, cedar or redwood deck that is splintering
and is unsafe to walk on, then your deck is a perfect candidate for wood
decking tiles.

Just take a look at the resurfacing photos below.
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