Rooftop Decking with Deck Tiles

Building roof decks with decking tiles and our own hardwood deck tiles.
Flat rooftops can offer great opportunities for conversion into attractive
entertaining or relaxing areas, but contemplating a vast expanse of drab
concrete or asphalt and envisaging how to attack such a problem, can be a
rather daunting prospect.

Two important points need to be considered at the outset. Firstly, any objects
on a roof top which are not securely fixed, need to be of sufficient weight or
size that they will not move or blow away in strong winds.

Secondly, if there is a waterproof membrane on the roof, extreme care must
be taken that the membrane is not punctured or damaged in any way. You'll
probably need to consult the building owner before placing any objects or
even installing decking tiles on the rooftop to ensure you are not faced with
any potential liability issues.

Fortunately however the majority of decking tiles have multiple “feet” on the
plastic base which distribute any load evenly over the surface below. However
some building owners may still have concerns.  In that case we would
suggest laying down an EPDM sheet which costs from about 50c per sq.ft.
and comes in continuous sheeting as large as 50' x 100'. EPDM sheeting can
be obtained from suppliers such as

Some manufacturers produce tiles in a variety of different styles, so it's
possible to create borders, centerpieces, feature areas etc. to suit your
individual preference. Or you could use different designs to divide the area in
to several sections depending on how you plan to use the rooftop.

If possible, try to divide the area into “rooms” by e.g. using a row of tubs with
bushy plants, some trellis, modular fencing etc. And with the addition of some
large pots, attractive plants, and maybe a few favorite pieces of sculpture in
strategic spots, that forsaken roof top can quickly and easily become an
attractive and useful relaxing an entertaining area with beautiful sold wood
roof deck.
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