Spas and Hot Tubs with deck tiles
It can be a difficult task to work out the ideal solution for spa deck surrounds.
Of course a lot depends on whether the spa is in  a stand alone position or
integrated into the deck. Now, a lot of spa deck designs involve elaborate and
expensive custom made wood decks built around the spa. But are there other
spa and deck ideas are there that are more affordable and much easier to

Perhaps one the simplest yet most effective spa deck designs (assuming the
spa or hot tub is installed on a firm surface) is to cover the spa surrounds
with interlocking wood deck tiles.  With these tiles it's an easy job to extend
the deck tiles any direction you want, as far as you want and at any time you
please. And if your spa or hot tub isn't a perfect rectangle or square, you can
easily cut the tiles with a jigsaw or handsaw so they fit tightly against the wall
of the spa or tub.

There's usually different styles of deck tiles available so you have the
opportunity to design your own deck with spa and deck ideas to suit your own
personality or requirements. . To finish of the edges of the deck, reducers are
normally available which can be simply clipped to the outside edge to give a
totally professional finish.  For stand alone spa decks, you could completely
surround the deck with reducers using mitred reducers for the outside

Wood decking tiles which use the durable species mentioned in out wood
tiles page will easily stand up to the harshest climates, the constant splash of
water from spas or hot tubs and will continue looking great, day in day out,
year after year.

To keep them looking at their best condition and to slow down the natural
fading process, it's recommended to apply a coat of good quality decking oil
every 6 to 12 months. Otherwise just sweep with a broom or wash down  with
water every so often.
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