Waterproof Deck Tile Surfaces

Building an elevated waterproof deck with deck tiles is one of the smartest
decisions you can make with a waterproof surface. Decking tiles were
designed to be used over this type of surface.
We're often asked about how to make an elevated waterproof deck over and
existing carport or lower deck... the situation where you have conventional
wood deck extending above a paved or concrete area below and you want
keep the area below dry.

There is indeed a way to achieve this by using deck tiles. Firstly though you
need to lay and EPDM moisture barrier over your top deck. Try to make sure
there are no seams so the moisture barrier is one continuous sheet. You can
buy EPDM in different widths with lengths to suit your particular purpose from
various outlets.

Cut the EPDM sheet to fit your deck - or the area which you want to keep dry

Than all you need to do it to lay the decking tiles over the top and you'll soon
have a great looking wood deck on top and dry area underneath.

Wood decking tiles have been designed with these waterproof surfaces in
mind.  The base of each wood decking  tile is designed not to damage the
waterproof surface. Instead it does just the opposite, it protects it.  Wood
decking tiles give protection to the waterproof surface in two ways. 1) protects
the surface from physical damage and blunt impact from patio furniture. 2)
Wood decking tiles protect the waterproof membrane from UV exposure and
harsh weather which can break down the surface over time. Check out some
of these before and after projects.
Rubber Membrane Before
Rubber Membrane After
Rubber Membrane Before
Rubber Membrane After
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